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Research On The Key Technologies Of Embedded Real-Time Main Memory Database

Posted on:2010-03-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360275478710Subject:Navigation, guidance and control
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With the development of embedded systems' application domain,embedded system application has exteneded into management.Increasing information of management has triggered the development of cross-cutting areas,which is embedded database.It is a trend to use database technology on embedded systems. Basing on the innovation topic of laboratory,this paper mainly studied theories of embedded real-time main memory database and application technologies.On the basis of main memory database,combining with the real time characters of embedded operation system,the main structure designing plan of embedded real-time database has been put forward.And some key technologies have been researched below.Aiming at high dealing efficiency,the paper emphases the foundation of index structures of main memory database,which are T tree and Hash methods. After contrasting the two methods,the index structures of main memory database are given.Aiming at the application of transaction processings,a new improved real-time optimistic concurrency control protocol has been proposed on theory. The standards of simplifying priority graph and loop dectection alogrithm have been inducted.And dynamic adjusting the serialization of timestamp intervals has been introduced to reduce transactions collisions and resets.This method can serialize the collision,improve parallel efficiency,and save system resources.For the application of storage management,the paper also proposes a new plan on the reliability of data file storage on embedded database system. According to the resourses of server's hard drive and actual requirements, improved LZ77 with decode correcting method and Tornado-code-based replication algorithms are required.Also the RAID 1 technogly has been used to deal with the hard drive.Based on VxWorks embedded operation system,setting up embedded experiment environment,the paper has been tested the research results.The experiment shows that the new plan which can obviously make data more available has been proved to be a better method.
Keywords/Search Tags:embedded, real-time memory database, real-time transaction processing, storage algorithm
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