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Supply Chain Management & Information Technology

Posted on:2004-05-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J N GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360092475881Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the coming of knowledge economy in the twenty-first century, the trend of world economy integration become stronger and stronger, the market situation enterprises existing has taken great changes. In order to adapt this changes, supply chain management, a new "transverse integration" management pattern appears, at the same time, the researches on the supply chain and the supply chain management becomes popular in the world. Considering that the supply chain, a kind of dynamic coalition appears because the information technology's quick development and renovation, so, this thesis researches on not only the supply chain, but also the information technology of the supply chain management. Otherwise, the development of electric commerce makes new changes on the supply chain and supply chain management, the supply chain management based on the electric commerce is also being discussed in the thesis.This thesis includes five parts:The first part is the basic conceptions. Firstly, it explains the conception of supply chain and supply chain management. Then it starts from the integration concept, bring forward the management integration concept, discusses the supply chain management. At last, it gives the several processes of the realization of supply chain management integration.The second part is about the theoretic foundation of supply chain management integration. It mainly includes two contents: one is the concept of value chain integration and its effect on the enterprises, the other is the relevant questions on the operation flow recombining which be done in order to fit for the supply chain management, it analyses the basic concept of operation flow recombining, the traditional enterprises' organization framework and the operation flow's features, and the organization framework and the operationflow's features in the SCM situation.The third part discusses the main information technology of the SCM, the effects of information technology on the SCM, its usage in the SCM, and the information's integration and sharing. It starts from the basic information technology to the using of several information technology in the SCM, then to the information integration and sharing, explains why the information technology is the support system of SCM. Otherwise, it explains the SCM information system based on the Intranet and Internet.The forth part discuss the SCM based on the electric commerce. It analyses the current development situation of electric commerce, discuss the difference between the current SCM based on electric commerce and the traditional electric commerce, and the effects of the electric commerce on the SCM. And takes the automobile industry as an example to explain the SCM pattern in the electric commerce situation.The fifth part is a sum-up of the whole thesis, and offers some advices to the domestic enterprises which preparing to build up the SCM system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Integration, Information Technology, Electric Commerce
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