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Research On The Influence Of Block Chain Technology On Supply Chain Performance

Posted on:2021-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330623977800Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years,the rapid development of information and communication technology has caused huge reforms in the supply chain.In the supply chain management system of the new era,companies in the supply chain rely on Internet technology for electronic transactions,and as the order form of the supply chain changes to demand-driven,information sharing and inter-organizational cooperation are becoming more and more complex,the problems of low trust and low flexibility seriously restrict the market competitiveness of the supply chain.At present,blockchain technology is considered to be a new generation of information technology tools for the sustainable growth of supply chain management.It has the advantages of information transparency,data tamper resistance,peer-to-peer value transmission,and smart contracts.Applying blockchain technology to the supply chain can provide better visibility and transparency for transactions between members of the supply chain,and realize the sharing of information and the establishment of trust between members.Although some scholars have analyzed that blockchain has a positive impact on supply chain performance,the specific ways of affecting supply chain performance have not yet begun.In view of this,this research will combine theoretical research and quantitative empirical research methods,introduce two intermediary variables of information sharing and supply chain trust,deeply analyze the impact mechanism of blockchain technology on supply chain performance,and creatively propose the independent variable——the degree of applicability of blockchain,then use it to measure intended application of blockchain technology.At the same time,this study believes that there is a positive correlation between information sharing and supply chain trust.Therefore,the chain intermediary of information sharing-supply chain trust is introduced to discuss the intermediary effect of "information sharing","supply chain trust",and "information sharing-supply chain trust on the relationship between blockchain technology and supply chain performance.This research takes the resource-based view as the theoretical framework,proposes models and hypotheses,collects data using questionnaire survey methods,and uses SPSS,AMOS,MPLUS for statistical analysis,and explores the following two issues:(1)Whether block chain technology has a positive impact on supply chain performance;(2)What is the impact of "information sharing" and "supply chain trust" on the applicability of blockchain and supply chain performance.Finally,the following conclusions are obtained:(1)Blockchain technology has a significant positive effect on supply chain performance,but the direct effect between the two is not significant,its impact is played by the help of intermediaries.(2)Blockchain technology has a significant positive effect on information sharing and supply chain trust.(3)Information sharing and supply chain trust have a significant positive effect on supply chain performance.(4)"Information sharing" and "supply chain trust" play a full intermediary role between the degree of applicability of the blockchain and supply chain performance,and the chain intermediary of "information sharing-supply chain trust" has the strongest mediating effect.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blockchain Technology, Supply Chain Performance, Information Sharing, Supply Chain Trust, Chained dual mediation
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