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A Rreadigation Of Loan DSS Design Based On Data Warehousing

Posted on:2001-06-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1118360002952100Subject:Systems Engineering
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Loan is a main asset business of a commercial bank, Loan is also a main course of the application of found and the profit made. The scale and structure of loan hold the balance for a commercial bank running. Making a comprehensive survey, Loan management systems in the past are all the OLTP systems of account management The decisions of loan are only stored in the system as results. Actually, the processes of decision analysis and loan decision play a decisive role for realigning scientific loan management. Just from this view, Loan Management DSS, thinking of the actual operating processes of loan fully, all ?round follows the tracks of all kinds of the action of loan. Loan Management DSS emphasizes scientific decision analysis methods, emphasizes the continuity and completeness of decision analysis processes, emphasizes the man ?machine inteiaction alility and eyeless self ?adaplalility of decision analysis processes. 1 990s, data warehousing techniques went to the market. This technique creates a new time of decision support system. Loan Management DSS is built based on data warehousing techniques. Origina decision support systems are driven by models, but the decision support systems, supported by data warehousing techniques, are driven by data. In the process of realizing the Loan Management Decision Support System, there are five innovations made: First, the Data Warehouse is Designed and developed firstly m our country. Secondly, the DSS is realized by means of data warehousing techniques. Thirdly, the method of data warehouse modeling is standardized., a completed method is given to design data granularity. Fifthly, the intelligent decision analysis modular is designed and luilt by way of the algorithms for discovering association rules. Data warehouse system is a multi-techniques comprehensive system. These techniques include multidimensional database, metadata management, on-line analytical processing, data mining and so on. The thesis explains all of the techniques mentioned adove and the application methods in system in detail. The Loan Management Decision Support System finished development at the beginning of 1999, and threw into application in Guang Dong Development Bank Dalian Brouch.. The application achieves good social benefit and economic benefit. The Loan Management DSS wins the first prize of (Iluang Dong Development Bank science and technology Progressing in 1999.
Keywords/Search Tags:Data warehouse, Loan Management DSS, Multidimensional database, Metadate, OLAP, Data mining, Data granutarlty
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