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Research And Development Of Web - Based Titanium Metallurgy Database System

Posted on:2016-10-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1108330482468405Subject:Metallurgical physical chemistry
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The Titanium is an important new metal. It is widely used with many fields in national economy, such as navigation, spaceflight, chemical, petroleum chemical engineering, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, seawater desalting, naval vessel, instrument in daily life and so on.With the swift development and ceaseless maturity of Web technology, the combination of internet technology and database technology is a mainstream of the modern internet application, and it is an important composing part of modern internet technology development to build Web database with internet technology and database constructing technology. It becomes one of the most important researches to research and analyze matter character, metallurgy technologies, flow types of Titanium & its compound through using computer network & DB technologies. In this article, we do many analysis and simulation in the Titanium & its compound and also using Internet & Web technology to complete important task of this database building.The functions & related computation model and the way of data storage are essential for the Web Titanium metallurgy DB system. After we have done systems analysis and research, this system is designed as the six sub-databases:physics property DB, chemistry property DB, thermodynamic DB, mineral DB, phasic graphic DB and Titanium metallurgy technics parameter DB. When these DBs have been built, we can study the functions and contents about thermodynamic DB, physics property DB, structure DB.We also should think about association and sharing of these DB. Because the function of the thermodynamic DB is complex, the chapter 2 and chapter 3 emphasize on basic content of thermodynamic DB. In this part, we can research and export the calculation model which is interrelated in content of thermodynamic content. In the thermodynamic DB, the primary contents and function are selected as followed:Based on the phase of Titanium compound, writing and calculating thermodynamic data individually; Heat capacity can be expressed as temperature function; Molar formation enthalpy, standard entropy of each phase in these calculation model should be unified to 298.15 K, when we have done this job, formula of enthalpy and entropy will have simplified the calculate; If we have used nonstandard calculated data of Gibbs function,we also have simplified the calculation process and in the next step to present the correlated calculation formula and processing logic. We have advanced some software which is used to analyze and estimate the standard of the database based on the character of Titanium metallurgy database. We need to implement these functions of DB, then some assistance programs about the thermodynamic DB software also should be studied and developed, chemical equation balancing and element analysis of a compound’s molecular formula are programs that we needed. Because all these are essential for the complete thermodynamics software.We have analyzed and compared technics (middleware and Web technology) of building network database which is popular at the present time. Through analyzing and comparing the strongpoint and shortcoming of the two-tier and three-tier model, we chose B/W/D three-tier construct as the base to resolve the problem. At the same time, it also can resolve the problem which will have one point fault when there have a mount of accessing. We have advanced the B/W/D three-tier construct base on the character of Titanium metallurgy database. In the chapter 4, we bring forward the B/ W/D three-tier construct to resolved one problem that is fault, and the Web application server and the DB server are all should be separated. All this establish element of development in Web Titanium metallurgy database software.The data access is very key technology to the Web Titanium metallurgy DB system, its access efficiency of reading and storage in database will affect the performance of whole DB system. We design a database connector in good efficiency with PHP and MYSQL. It also brings forward design principle and the way to carry out the software plan of the database connector in good efficiency. Such work mainly base on studying some technologies of inquiring and storage in database like CGI, WEBAPI, ODBC, JDBC, ADO and PHP and so on which be used widely today. The DB connection explorer is designed to use in the access of implement data.In order to share data in different DB system and long-distance transfer or information transfer between programs in the whole internet, we also studies and discusses the technology which is optimizing way of entry performance of database. We can inquire the data in the database with good efficiency when there are a mount of access to the database. It is a flight that we have high efficiency to access the database. It is also the second bottle-neck of common database access. There has praxis meaning to break the bottle-neck and the database optimizing has been upgraded to a new height.We studies software design base on WEB Titanium metallurgy database system at last and discusses background structure of metallurgy, modularization design, share middle-ware design, security synchronization design between databases which are physical separation. It is a new step to analyze and innovate on the side of database security. We have done some development and debug on such side.We also introduce Web exhibit of the system, more details about the web pages in the database, concreting contents and in the DB, some parts of calculation will be process online. We can use logical Web structure to get logical design and exhibit logically physical chemistry details of Titanium & its compound which is need to be analyzed and calculated. The details include physics property, chemists property and technics parameter. All of these provide theory gist to analyze and research Titanium & its compound.
Keywords/Search Tags:Titanium and Titanium Compound Database, PHP and MYSQL, Middle-Ware, Entry optimized, Physical Separation
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