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Research And Application Of Blockchain Technology In Supply Chain Management

Posted on:2021-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S S ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306095975819Subject:Computer technology
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In the traditional supply chain management system,the problems of opaque information about supply chain members,the difficulty of sharing information in time,and the lack of credibility of information have always been the pain points of the industry.The characteristics of open,transparent,non-tamperable,and traceable blockchain information coincide with the demands of traditional supply chain management.Therefore,the application of blockchain technology in supply chain management has broad prospects.There are many difficulties in the application of blockchain technology in supply chain management,such as the large number of participants in the supply chain,the public chain consensus mechanism applicable to large-scale nodes such as proof of work,proof of equity,and entrusted proof of equity,because of its huge The computing power overhead,complex network settings and token mechanism are not suitable for application in the supply chain scenario.The practical Byzantine fault tolerance commonly used in the alliance chain is affected by the number of participating nodes,and it also cannot meet the needs of supply chain management;blockchain Technology can solve the needs of decentralized storage,but due to the full redundancy mechanism of the blockchain,the blockchain cannot meet the storage requirements of large file data in the supply chain.In response to the above problems,the main research contents of this thesis are as follows:(1)Research and improve the consensus mechanism of Proof of Authority consensus widely used in supply chain scenarios.Aiming at the problem of data bifurcation in the Proof of Authority consensus,an improved consensus mechanism is proposed.The improved consensus mechanism adopts the active master node rotation method,and at the same time draws on the classic Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerant algorithm,adopts the three-stage two-round voting algorithm as the verification mechanism of the block proposal,realizes the instantaneous data consistency,takes into account the performance and Byzantine Fault Tolerance,and satisfies the supply chain scenario.(2)Introduce IPFS to solve the problem of large file storage in the application of blockchain technology in the supply chain.The large file data to be stored is hashed,divided into data blocks of a certain size,and then copied between different interstellar file management system nodes as needed.The core data in the supply chain management is stored on the blockchain,the non-core large file data is stored in IPFS,and the non-core data is stored on the blockchain in the link of IPFS.With the characteristics of non-repudiation and non-tampering of the blockchain,the uniqueness and accuracy of sharing large file data are realized.(3)Design and implement a supply chain management system based on blockchain technology and IPFS.The system adopts the Ethereum architecture,uses the blockchain and IPFS as the storage solution,uses the improved Proof of Authority consensus as the blockchain system consensus mechanism,and completes the system functions through smart contracts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blockchain, Supply chain management, Proof of Authority consensus, Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance, IPFS
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