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Design And Implementation Of Supply Chain Management Platform Based On Blockchain

Posted on:2021-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306032967849Subject:Computer technology
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The information era promotes the development and innovation of supply chain management.Improve supply chain management with modern information technology.It is beneficial to reduce the operation cost and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.Efficient information exchange will have an important impact on expanding the function of supply chain.The key to information value is the real-time exchange of information in supply chain network.Supply chain management system(SCM)through the interface to connect different enterprise management system.Build a bridge of communication between enterprises.But there are inherent pain points of centralized structure,such as trust problem,slow information exchange,unclear responsibility,data security and other issues.Blockchain provides new ideas and solutions for effective information exchange and data security in supply chain management.Thesis analyzes the problems of modern supply chain management based on blockchain technology.Thesis design a supply chain management system based on blockchain.The system completed the order management,warehouse management,traceability and other basic functions of the supply chain platform.In order to ensure the information privacy of all enterprises in the supply chain.Take the calculation of profits,thesis designs a profit calculation scheme based on blockchain.Use smart contract to complete the business logic of supply chain management.Information on the blockchain cannot be tampered.Once the vulnerability of smart contract occurs,it will cause irreversible consequences.Thesis designs a detection scheme for common vulnerabilities of smart contract.The main research results are as follows:Thesis designed a supply chain management system architecture combining Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.Fabric as an enterprise-level blockchain platform.It has the characteristics of high throughput,protection of transaction privacy,pluggable modular design.Can effectively support the supply chain management platform business needs.Combining ethereum can further effectively protect the authenticity of data.Thesis designed a profit calculation scheme in the blockchain environment.In the process of supply chain cost calculation,manufacturing cost and stock cost belong to private information.Thesis designed a supply chain profit calculation scheme based on RS A homomorphic encryption.And verify feasibility through smart contract.Thesis designed a vulnerability detection scheme of smart contract.It analyzes the characteristics of integral overflow,Owner control,Call injection and reentry vulnerability of Ethereum smart contract.And use symbolic execution technology to detect the Ethereum smart contract common vulnerabilities.The final detection accuracy reached 85%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Blockchain, Supply chain management(SCM), Fabric, Ethereum, Smart contracts, Vulnerability detection
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