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Research On The Operation Mode Of Nonfiction Writing On New Media Platforms

Posted on:2022-02-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ShanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306539478984Subject:Press and Communication
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In the present information dissemination more to speed up the pace,the information environment under the background of the increasingly fragmented,The mass audience's appetite for news is no longer limited to instant news,Many excellent in-depth works of intensive cultivation are also favored by the public.The audience's pursuit of the truth of news,their concern for individual destiny and their demand for understanding the changing times,It provides the survival soil and development space for the origin and development of non-fiction writing in the press,It shows a new appearance on the mobile platform in the new media era.Represented by "true story plan" non-fiction writing new media platform broke the traditional mode of professional media dominant content production,It provides a new channel for the general public to participate in non-fiction content creation.Both the UGC content production mode,and in the new media content distribution model and profit model,There are worthy of concern and discussion.In this paper,on the basis of case analysis and literature research,by sorting out and presenting the content production,distribution and profit model of the "True Story Project",a new media platform for non-fiction writing,strive to see the big in the small,explore the panorama of the operation mode of non-fiction writing on the new media platform.In the five chapters of this paper,the first chapter describes the research background,research methods,research objects and other aspects,and the development of China's non-fiction writing and non-fiction writing platform of the relevant literature is sorted out.The second chapter embarks from the content production mode,on the basis of integrating the content published on the platform,the content production concept,production strategy and story characteristics of "true story project" are analyzed.The third chapter starts from the mode of communication,the "true story project" in the new media terminal platform and matrix transmission path,omnimedia and diversified communication strategies are presented.The fourth chapter discusses the commercialization path of "true story project" based on the existing content monetization methods.The fifth chapter aims at the problems in the operation process of the current new media platform of non-fiction writing,such as the doubt of authenticity,the uneven level of works,the lack of publicity channels,and the difficulty of commercialization,and put forward the corresponding development strategy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-fiction writing platform, Content production, Communication strategy, Commercialization path
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