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Research On Business Process Reengineering Of T Company Under The Background Of ERP Implementation

Posted on:2022-09-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306533999399Subject:Master of business administration
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In today's world,information technology is changing with each passing day,and the information tide characterized by digitization,networking and intelligence is booming.In July 2016,the general office of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the national informatization development strategy program,which pointed out that we should vigorously enhance the informatization development ability,support the innovation of small,medium and micro enterprises,strive to improve the level of economic and social informatization,and promote the network transformation of service industry.This reflects China's firm determination to drive modernization with information technology and build an information power.With the rapid development of information technology,the increasing prosperity of economy and the improvement of people's living standards,people's awareness of health care is becoming increasingly strong,especially the requirement of drinking water quality is also increasing.Therefore,water purification equipment sales companies and other business enterprises are springing up in response to market demand.According to the data of Ovi cloud,the retail sales of water purification equipment in China will be 28.49 billion yuan from January to November in2019.In addition to the impact of the Spring Festival epidemic in 2020,the state gradually attaches importance to green consumer electrical appliances.Forward looking analysis shows that under the favorable policy environment,the market demand of water purifier will be further expanded,and there is a large space for the development of the industry in the future.Facing the huge market space,the competition among the water purification equipment business enterprises will be more and more fierce.However,the water purification equipment trading companies in China are generally characterized by tight staffing,diversified agency brands,chaotic inventory management,low degree of informatization,and chaotic financial management.Therefore,in today's highly developed network and information technology,it is of practical significance to carry out information transformation for enterprises and help them improve their business model from the perspective of information technology.This paper takes t water purification equipment company as the research object,according to T company's own business needs,combined with ERP related theory and business restructuring(BPR)related theory,plans the information management system suitable for T company,which will help T company to improve the tightness of information transmission among various business processes,and realize the information sharing among procurement,warehousing,sales,finance and other business modules;Relying on the information management system to achieve the reorganization of procurement,warehousing,sales,financial business processes,so as to optimize the company's internal staffing,improve the efficiency of procurement and warehousing management,ensure the standardization of internal financial management,and achieve the purpose of information paperless office.In order to ensure the smooth progress of T company's business process information reform,the paper also puts forward the corresponding safeguard measures.This paper hopes that through the experience of T company's Informatization Transformation,while optimizing the internal management mode of T company,it can also provide a lesson for the majority of water purification equipment business enterprises in the road of informatization transformation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Process Reengineering, Business enterprise, Flow chart
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