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Research On The Internet Of Things In The Production And Operation Of Shanghai Electric Power Plant

Posted on:2020-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z G ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306464489854Subject:Master of business administration
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In recent years,the emergence of Internet of Things technology has improved people's quality of life.Many countries have incorporated the Internet of Things into the economic development priorities of national-level strategies,especially in manufacturing,which is estimated to be the largest application area in the future economy.Io T technology can effectively solve the integration of enterprise resources and efficiency.If it can be correctly imported into the enterprise,it will not only effectively integrate the enterprise resources,but also greatly improve the efficiency and further reduce its operating costs.This paper takes the logistics network application of Shanghai Electric Machinery Factory as a research case to discuss its management application strategy of the Internet of Things in electrical equipment enterprises.In order to achieve this research goal,firstly,based on the in-depth study of the problems existing in the management of electrical equipment enterprises,this paper evaluates and summarizes the supply chain,safety,efficiency and quality problems that often occur in the past operation management of case enterprises and forms problems.The main reason is further analyzed,and then the necessity and feasibility of introducing Io T technology and management are recognized.Secondly,based on the main modules of the Internet of Things and industrial Io T technology combined with enterprise operation management,5S site management method,PDCA is applied.Theory,TOC theory,etc.,trying to construct a three-dimensional comprehensive design system for the use of Io T management in electrical equipment enterprises;finally,according to the planning and design rules and management processes,the focus is on the combination of technology and management.Implementation of the logistics network application project.The research in this paper shows that the introduction of the Internet of Things,such as the traditional manufacturing enterprise of Shanghai Motor Factory,is not only a technological innovation,but also a management revolution.The research in this paper will provide a set of feasible technical and management design solutions for the application of similar enterprise logistics network for reference in the industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet of Things, Industrial Internet of Things, Application project, Electrical Equipment Industry
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