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Design And Implementation Of A Traceability System For Industrial Internet Of Things Equipment Processing Process Based On Blockchain

Posted on:2022-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Y SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2518306770995619Subject:Computer Software and Application of Computer
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In recent years,with the rapid development of the industrial field,the industrial Internet of Things technology has also been widely used.Industrial Internet of Things technology is the Internet of Things technology applied to the industrial field.It is to continuously integrate various acquisition and control sensors or controllers with sensing and monitoring capabilities,as well as mobile communication,intelligent analysis and other technologies into all aspects of the industrial production process.Significantly improve manufacturing efficiency,improve product quality,and ultimately realize the intelligent transformation of traditional industries.However,in the industrial Internet of Things environment,there are problems such as the single point of failure that is easily caused by data centralized storage and the difficulty of guaranteeing the security of information record storage.They caused some losses.As one of the emerging technologies,blockchain technology has the advantages of traceability,decentralization and tamper resistance,and can improve the data such as equipment parameters collected in the industrial Internet of Things system and the equipment fault diagnosis information obtained by the system analysis of this data.The security of storage solves the problem of corporate accountability through reliability traceability.This paper proposes a blockchain-based industrial Io T equipment processing process traceability model,which uses the Internet of Things technology to analyze the equipment manufacturing process data in industrial scenarios and the data obtained after analyzing the possible causes of failures in the manufacturing process.Collect and store,and finally use the blockchain technology to ensure that the data on the chain cannot be tampered or forged during the processing of the equipment to achieve data reliability traceability in industrial scenarios.Based on this research purpose,a traceability system based on blockchain + Internet of Things is designed and verified.The main research contents are as follows:(1)This paper takes the automobile industry in the industrial field as a specific industrial scene,aiming at the automobile recall event caused by the quality problems of mechanical parts that may be caused by the equipment during the processing process,taking the equipment processing process as the research object,and analyzing the process of the equipment processing parts.The core processing technology and the key data and fault diagnosis information obtained by the system are stored in the blockchain to trace the cause of the fault.On this basis,a blockchain-based industrial Io T equipment processing process traceability model is constructed;(2)Combined with the analysis of industrial scenarios and system requirements,a blockchain-based industrial Io T equipment processing process traceability system architecture is designed.On this architecture,the functions of each module of the traceability system are designed.Due to the data storage limitations of the blockchain,by building a local database,the traceability data is stored in an on-chain-off-chain mode,which reduces the load pressure of uploading all data on the chain,and finally realizes the information interaction between the blockchain network and Io T devices and users;(3)Build and deploy a traceability system,realize the business functions of each module,and finally build an overall traceability system,which ensures the validity of the traceability model by implementing traceability data on-chain and system performance testing.The blockchain-based industrial Io T equipment processing traceability system designed and implemented in this paper overcomes the difficulty of traditional centralized data storage that is prone to security problems through the dual combination of blockchain and Io T technologies.Break the status quo of information islands and realize data security and reliable traceability.It effectively supervises the data generated in the industrial manufacturing process,and provides a new way of thinking to solve the problem of corporate accountability caused by product failures in this process.
Keywords/Search Tags:blockchain, industrial internet of things, traceability, equipment processing, car parts
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