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Application Research Of The Internet Of Things Technology In Industrial Field

Posted on:2014-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330422960796Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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With the rapid development of computer techniques, Internet and mobilecommunication network, the concept of Internet of things (IOT), is put forward andapplied in all walks of life, which has also been recognized as the third wave of worldinformation industry. Being one of the major industries in our country, industry plays animportant role in the economy of our country.The introduction of the Internet of thingstechnology in the industry promotes the pace of industrial informatization construction.Through the sensor network, RFID, the application of data mining technology, based onwireless sensor networks, mobile networks, etc., IOT collects environmental information atthe bottom of the industrial site and forms an intellisense and remote control function ofreal-time monitoring system.Based on the background of furnace verification, this paper build furnace wirelessdata acquisition system. First of all, this paper analyzes thing of networking technicalframework and key technology. The paper analyses the characteristics of ZigBee wirelesssensor network in the Internet of things technology, the ZigBee protocol stack structure,physical layer, MAC layer and network layer, etc. Based on the requirements ofdistribution points and location information, wireless routing algorithm isdesigned.Secondly, the industrial standards of physical quantities includes thecommunication layer between application layer, all data types, communication objects,application objects, and wireless data frame format standard, making the configuration ofeach node standardization and unification. Thirdly, the multi-function acquisition systemof industrial parameters were designed. Fourthly, on the basis of the system relatedtechnology, the hardware detection of typical in industrial quantities measurementinformation circuit is designed.Finally, the heating furnace object platform is introduced. a wireless data acquisitionsystem is builded and the verification system of heating furnace is applicated. And thetemperature data, by means of wireless networking afferent to the PC´╝îcomparing with theoriginal heating furnace temperature measuring system, calibrates the original temperaturemeasurement system.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Internet of things, ZigBee, LEACH-ND, Industrial quantities, Theheating furnace
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