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A Study On Mobile Communication Architecture Based On Content-Centric Networking

Posted on:2019-01-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330593451649Subject:Information and Communication Engineering
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With the extensive range of use in mobile data services,the main theme of Internet may gradually focus on content and personalization.However,the current Internet architecture which based on TCP/IP exposes many problems in safety and mobility by degrees,and it will greatly impede the content acquisition and distribution.For building the novel network architecture,it's urgent to find “revolutionary” solutions.Content-Centric Networking takes content as central,decouples the location and date,its routing and forwarding method are based on named data,so it can solve issues such as address space exhaustion.Compared with the IP network,characteristics of Content-Centric Networking are more suitable for the next generation Internet.Mobile Internet and Internet of things are two major trends for the future development of Internet.Content-Centric Networking can greatly improve the communication performance of the future Internet,especially when users are in the state of high-speed.We combined the fifth generation mobile communication system(5G)and the Internet of vehicles with Content-Centric Networking respectively,and tested their mobile communication performance.First of all,according to the 5G vision and demands,the expectation of mobile communication performance is analyzed in detail,the dissertation proposed a 5G architecture which deploys the Content Chunk of Content-Centric Networking in the network layer.Simulation results which based on ndnSIM 2.0 show that the mean value of user experience rate in the novel 5G architecture is 127080 kbps,the end-to-end transmission delay is less than 1ms,and the transmitting interference time is 400~470ms.Then,due to the “thin waist” of IP network can't adapt the development of the Internet of Vehicles well,the dissertation also proposed to replace the IP protocol with the Content Chunk in the traditional vehicle network architecture.Simulation experiments are carried out for the new architecture of Internet of Vehicles,results proved that the transmitting interference time in the network layer is 390 ms,when the data consumer moves.And the end-to-end delay is lower than that of WAVE protocol.In summary,the new architecture based on Content-Centric Networking has great advantages in mobility,transmission delay and so on.Together with the good compatibility,Content-Centric Networking is more suitable for the development of Internet in future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content-Centric Networking, Mobility, 5G, Internet of Vehicles
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