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Design And Implementation Of Web Browser For Content Centric Networking In Windows

Posted on:2016-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y F WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2298330467492965Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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The Internet based on TCP/IP protocol has achieved unprecedented success. Almost all industry sectors are benefiting from Internet, Internet also keeps the people lifestyles changing. However, with the growing number of applications and the changing of application mode, Internet also exposes many problems, such as information distribution, security. mobile supportive, IP address and many other aspects. Named Data Networking is a new network architecture which is content centric different from host centric, concerns about content distribution instead of host to host connection. Currently, Web applications have become Internet-based services, supporting browser-based applications is very necessary in Named Data Networking. Since Named Data Networking and traditional IP network are completely different in operating mechanism, common browsers can not access this network and Named Data Networking API can not be used for kernel level development in Windows. We design and implement cross-platform API--NewNDN.cpp and transform the open-source browser kernel (Webkit) to implement a browser to support Named Data Networking. With this browser, users can directly access the resources of Named Data Networking, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other types of resources through "ccnx:/". The purpose of developing these APIs and the browser is to make Web application developers use them across different platforms. Both of the developers and the users can access the Named Data Networking under the Windows Operating Systems, and enjoy the convenience of the Named Data Networking and smooth Internet experience.This paper firstly conducts investigations and researches on Named Data Networking APIs, and then implements a cross-platform API--NewNDN.cpp. After that, we thoroughly study the architecture and main workflow of the existing browsers, detailedly describe the main problems of existing browser adapting Named Data Networking in details and then propose design and implemente the browser to adapt it. The paper designs and implements a cross-platform API to access Named Data Networking and a browser that supports data delivery and resource rendering for the content-centric web applications in Windows. Then we verify the availability of the system with the campus network as an experimental environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:Named Data Networking, Cross-platform, NewNDN.cpp, web browser, Content Centric Networking
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