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Based On The Norm And BPMN2 Mapping Mechanism Business Process Research

Posted on:2019-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330551956590Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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In recent years,due to the rapid changes in the corporate structure,the business systems have become more and more different.Enterprises need to be integrated according to the needs of customers and the market,to achieve fast,diversified business forms and customer service satisfaction,from the original static business process Turn into a dynamic process.Through the analysis of enterprise business process specification,research the mapping and conversion mechanism between the specification and BPMN2,solve the business process problem of the enterprise system,and realize the flexibility of the business process.In the requirement analysis stage,we extract the semantic parts of the specification based on the specification extracted from the semantic environment,establish a specification decomposition library,and map the specification decomposition library to the elements of BPMN2,and establish the mapping between the specification configuration semantic elements and the BPMN2 elements.Transform relations to achieve a smooth transformation of the canonical semantic information to the BPMN2 model.These specifications must cater to and adapt to the changes in the market.Therefore,in the development process,we must consider how to effectively decouple the business specification and the overall system support structure,how to ensure the consistency and integrity of the translated semantics,and how to express all semantics.Information,how to achieve automatic mapping transformation of automation tools,what needs to be done manually,and how to reflect the actual application value.The model's conversion mechanism can effectively solve the problem of the lack of model in the semantic transformation in the BPMN2 model based on the specification of business processes.It provides the basis for the automatic conversion of complex semantics and enhances the flexibility of the business process to some extent.Finally,apply the specification and BPMN2 mapping mechanism to solve the problem of the specification of the business process of a warehousing enterprise system.For the specification of the business process in the warehousing management of the requirement analysis stage,use the conversion mechanism between the specification and BPMN2 elements to solve the warehousing business process.Flexibility to use BPEL at the end of the article to verify the flexibility of business processes.Through the research and implementation of the storage system,the feasibility of the specification and the BPMN2 mapping mechanism was verified,and the standardized warehousing business process was adapted to the flexibility of the complex environment of the enterprise,reflecting the practical application value and establishing a basic automation tool.
Keywords/Search Tags:business process modeling, BPEL, BPMN specification, mapping
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