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1. Research On Routing Protocols Based On Virtual Coordinate For Wireless Sensor Networks
2. Study On Science And Techology Monitoring Based On Literature
3. Research On Robust Feature Representation Of Face Image
4. Geometry-based Anti-aliasing In Real-time Rendering
5. Research On Mapping And Localization Of Indoor AGV Based On LADAR
6. Research On Cache Data Management Mechanism In Chip Multi-processor For Latency Reduction
7. Terrain Feature Based Localization Mapping And Traversability For Mobile Robots
8. Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques In OFDM/SC-FDMA Systems
9. Reseach On Layout Optimization For Network On Chips Based On Intelligent Algorithms
10. High-efficiency Reconfigurable Array Computing: Architecture, Methodology And Application Mapping Technology
11. Research Of Nonparallel Hyperplane Classifier Algorithms
12. Research On Array Synthesis And Control Of Antenna Radar Cross Section
13. Study On Electromagnetic Characteristics Of Novel Through-Silicon Vias
14. Studies On The Method Of Fuzzy Ontology Mapping
15. Research On The Key Problems Of Tracking And Registration Of Moving Target And Scenes For Real-time Augmented Reality
16. Gaze Tracking And Its Application In Driver And Passenger Monitoring System
17. Efficient And Survivable Resource Allocation In Network Virtualization Environment
18. Key Technologies And Experimental System Of Elastic All Optical Network
19. Research On Image Threshold Segmentation In Engineering Draws Based On Artificial Bee Colony Algorithms
20. Studies On Coded Cooperation Techniques For Multi-user Communication System
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