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Message Based Variability Business Process Model Design And BPEL Mapping

Posted on:2012-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y ChuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330338963782Subject:E-commerce and information technology
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With the development of enterprises informatization, from business process improvement to business process re-engineering, from business process change to business process optimization until business process management, all are about the process of re-design and re-execution. From objects to components then to services, this process is opportunely for the important need of agility because of the change of market demand. In the process of business revolution and its changes, there are much of methods include theory, graphical structure and business process molding language. They enrich and expand the development of business process variety.Adapt to the variable and flexible business process model in process reengineering, this paper on the process variety-oriented software model (PVSOM) makes variable process modeling based on message. It defines message format and structures, controls process structure with message and connection activity calculating. It also defines relations between activities and process structures to integrate the process variety and process stability. It solves process variability according to different contents of message.For the convenience of execution of PVSOM, this paper translates the model to BPEL. All the elements of the model include activities, messages and structures are translated to BPEL activities from their definition. This paper also provides the arithmetic of complicated process structure with simplify method and the mapping arithmetic of the whole business process to BPEL. Besides, it shows a travel example based an intelligent platform of a virtual travel agency to illustrate the business process model and process execution to BPELThis model which reasonably separates the process logic from application logic by means of data dependence makes business personnel redesign and execute processes conveniently and enrich the research of business process variety.
Keywords/Search Tags:business process, variability, modeling, BPEL
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