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Process Modeling And Mapping Method For Web Service Composition

Posted on:2014-01-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2268330425466823Subject:Software engineering
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The rapid development of economic globalization makes the enterprise business processneeds changing to maintain market competitiveness, as the maturing of the ServiceComposition theory, the Service Composition theory and related technologies applied to theenterprise system integration research attracted widespread attention.In the servicecomposition process, create business process models and write business processes executioncode is the most important. So how to automatically generate the composite service executioncode using business process models, thereby enhancing Service Composition developmentefficiency and reducing development costs, is the Service Composition of core issues in thestudy. Current business process modeling languages that are widely recognized is BPMN andbusiness process execution language is mainly BPEL, So many academic researchers andsoftware developers are constantly on the research of mapping method of BPMN businessprocess execution model to the BPEL code. But so far, the mapping method of model still cannot be automated without human intervention or a lot of syntax restrictions.This paper focuses on service composition in the enterprise application, in order toachieve the quick integration of business processes, firstly proposed the architecture ofservice composition based on existing enterprise application, and service compositiondevelopment process. Combined with the involvement of personnel in the situation, analysesthe existing services composition modeling and coding process. For domain experts andsystem analyst, In order to realize the automatic generation of business process modeling andreadable BPEL code as the goal, gives a service composition system framework based onmodel mapping, and describes the detail of the function of each module in theframework.Secondly, according to business process execution semantics in the BPMNstandard, formal description of BPMN business process diagram is given. On this basis,analyzing the execution semantics of every single graphic element and sub models of differentstructures composed by single graphic elements, come up with different types mappingsolutions. Organizing these solutions finally put forward a complete method of modelmapping. Its main idea is first to map data flows, and then map the flow of control to organizethe order of execution of basic activities. Finally, with the instances of make an appointmentand shopping payment online process proved logical rationality of the model mapping method. Describes the design and implementation of a prototype system indicate that servicecomposition system based on model mapping is feasibility.
Keywords/Search Tags:service composition, BPMN, process modeling, BPEL, models mapping
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