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Research And Implementation On Business Process Integration Modeling Method Based On BPMN

Posted on:2012-08-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With the popularization and deepening of Enterprise Informatization (EI) incessantly, the effection that Information Technology (IT) can enhance enterprise's capability has been accepted by people. Although many enterprises hope to enhance their capabilities with the help of IT, the high investment and high risk make them be afraid to implement EI. So it is worth for people to study how to settle the informatization paradox that the informatization investment isn't translated into the IT application, and the IT application doesn't effectly form the informatization capability, and the formed informatization capability doesn't produce the ideal business value, and the brought fringe effection of business value deviates the core value which supports enterprise living and developing. The author thinks that we should find out methods how to support enterprise's business personnel to really participate in the construction of information system applications in technology, not only how to arouse their positiveness in management. Then this article has made the following works.Aimed at the existing enterprise informatization construction patterns'shortcomings, such as business personnel's professional ability and IT capability don't be substantially enhanced, and business personnel's personal ability and existence value can't be shown out in information system, and so on, this article has brought out a new informatization construction pattern led by enterprise, and pointed out the key to realize the pattern is that people should find out a method which not only is easy for business personnel to learn and use, but also is used for computer to realize the business process module. The new pattern suggests business personnel to develop the information system applications which can meet their business work needs by the way of defining executable business process module in the information system platform developed by IT personnel. It can make the informazation work become business personnel's routine.Aimed at the questions that existing business process theories and methods don't support business personnel to define executable business module, and people have to use difference methods to duplicatly model the same business process in different phases of the business process whole life circle management, and the consistence of business process modules cann't be assured, and so on, this article has brought out the conception of business process integration modeling, and discusses the conception's intension that business personnel can use one method to integrate the business process modelling works in differnce phases of the business process whole life circle management. Based on the above, this article has brought out one method to support business personnel accomplishing the business process integration modeling. The method is that by the way of"process conception modeling→process simulation modeling→process executionmodeling"embedding resource modelig, organization modeling, function modeling and data modeling, business peronnel can visually design the business process to get the coneption module of business process by use of Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN)firstly, and then extend the coneption module to physical module step by step.In order to support computer directly realizing BPMN module,based on the idea that business process execution is system-oriented to phisically realize business process, this article has designed a meta-module for business porcess integration modeling. Based on the finited state marchine (FSM) theory, this article has designed the process state marchine and arctivity state marchine which are applied to BPMN module, and designed a business process execution mechanism which consists of five sub-mechanisms, including process triggering, process advancing, activity executing, event handling and gateway handling.In order to support computer directly simulating BPMN module, this article has discussed how to compute the business process dynamic performance indexes based on the process state marchine and activity state marchine. By extending the simulation properties of BPMN flow-object elements (Process, Activity, Event and Gateway), this article has designed a meta-module to support business process simulation. By adopting the simaulation tactic of event scheduling method, this article has designed a business process simulation mechanism being applied to BPMN module.In order to check whether the BPMN module defined by business personnel is correct or not, by contrastly analysing the exsiting workflow module correctness evaluating criterion, this article brings out a method to sematically verify the BPMN module by reducing the business process module to a well atom workflow control pattern (Well-WCP1). Based on the above, this article has designed some formal encoding, combining, reducing rules of workflow patterns.In order to check whether the method of business process integration modeling is feasible or not, this article has designed a business process management system architecture supporting business process integration modeling for business personnel firstly, and then developed a prototype named YDLBPMS of business process management system. Finally, taking the product development management of a company's technology center for example, this article expounds business personnel how to accomplish business process integration modeling in YDLBPMS, and how to use the applications defined in YDLBPMS.
Keywords/Search Tags:Business Process Integration Modeling, Business Process Modeling Notation(BPMN), Process Execution, Process Simulation, Semantic Verification
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