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Research On Lifetime Cycle Maximization Routing Algorithm In Wireless Sensor Network Based On Hierarchical Multi-cluster Model

Posted on:2019-06-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2428330548472431Subject:Computer application technology
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The Internet of Things is setting off the third wave of global information industry development following the computer and the Internet.It is becoming a significant part of the new generation of information technology in the future.As the basis of the Internet of Things,Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs)has unlimited potential for development in this century.However,it is still a great challenge to realize the maximization of network life cycle and prolong the life time of network due to the limited energy of nodes in the wireless sensor network.This paper makes full use of the feature of opportunity routing protocol,combining with the feature of energy awareness and on the basis of the characteristics of the shortest path.Considering the following three factors,namely the residual energy of the current node,energy consumption of link transmission,and the residual shortest hop count from current node to destination node.We choose the excellent comprehensive performance nodes to transmit packets as far as possible,it is not only avoid energy depletion death caused by choosing the shortest path repeatedly on the nodes,but also give the full consideration to the current residual energy of each candidate forward node and the trouble of energy link consumption to the destination node.In addition,we set up the routing metric OSRM,and propose an innovative energy perceive opportunities based on the shortest path routing alogorithm MOSRE(Multi-source Opportunity Shortcut Routing Base on Energy Aware).A series of simulation experiments showing that,to some certain extent,the alogorithm can effectively improve the throughput capacity and packet-packet delivery ratio,reduce the energy consumption in WSNs and greatly improve the performance of network.In the multiple stratified cluster sensor network based on three layer structure,we build the routing matrix model between cluster head nodes.furthermore,the comprehensive problems of the pathological system theory has been analysis,and we proposal the routing matrix condition number RK(A)for measuring the scale of changes of routing matrix,which measures the effect of the change of the routing path to the entire link,and then utilize this value for the choice of the routing path illustrating by the four node network model example and verify this number for path selection.Finally,we investigate the issue of how to control the condition number to control the size of the routing path choice,minimize impact on the rest of the link and prolong the network life cycle when the routing path changes in the WSNs.
Keywords/Search Tags:network life cycle maximization, energy aware, opportunistic routing, routing matrix, condition number
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