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A Evaluation Service Architecture Under The Perspective Of User Experience

Posted on:2016-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2428330461476166Subject:Master of Journalism and Communication
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The user experience is the word Internet in e-commerce web2.0.The quality of the user experience directly determines the pattern of the success or failure of e-commerce enterprises,because it is based on economic growth and material prosperity,the people have material based on a higher level of spiritual enjoyment,is to the future market,this article put forward higher standards.This paper is based on the practice and development of Internet economy user experience,to the age of the Internet user experience and user experience evaluation service joint as the breakthrough point,try to put forward "the future of user experience evaluation practice in the enterprise how to further expand the vision design.Through the website of the case,for example,exploring the future Internet service business model,to the user experience evaluation service enterprise development,competition and service mode in the description of the overall planning based on classify examples are discussed,planning research,and from the communication point of view of and analysis user experience how better is expressed,is understood,is used.The innovation of this paper lies in:First,build a combination of user,evaluation and timely information exchange and induction integrated user experience evaluation service in the form of theoretical framework.In user experience service evaluation theory and the latest research results and practice basis,seminars and planning the a general according to the cloud to interact with the user experience evaluation of services in the form of the overall structure of and complete the user testing,information and timely exchange of the reasonable combination of the elements and the organic integration of,for enterprise user experience evaluation services provide a leading,low consumption and high reliability,operation of the complete structure.Second,construct a new user experience evaluation service channels.According to the cloud interactive environment the user experience evaluation service function characteristics,combined with the cloud river interactive system architecture,for poor dissimilation competition user experience evaluation service channel construction.Third,according to the analysis of the cloud interactive user experience evaluation form of service content.The study concludes with the theory of cloud interaction,evaluation services and communication,in accordance with the user experience evaluation form of service characteristics and policy analysis in the foundation,the establishment of the system in the content of evaluation in the form of services based on the cloud to interact with the user experience.Fourth,conducted a case study.This paper selects typical cases of case study,Research and planning for the next user experience evaluation of common architecture.The study for the dissemination of science concept and the actual media use and practice verify the operation of integration will be a fill and verification,for the operation practice platform provides important cases and experience,and has a strong practical significance.
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