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Research On Tuition And Grant System Of University Of Nanking(1910-1949)

Posted on:2020-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G X Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330602954018Subject:History of education
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The financing of higher education is an important topic in the development of higher education.Tuition and fees are an important source of funding for higher education institutions.However,the reform of the tuition system involves issues such as education equity,the democratization of education,and the intergenerational mobility of social classes.Therefore,many factors must be taken into account in the approval of tuition standards.At the same time,the grant system has become an indispensable part of the reform of higher education funds,and together with the tuition system,it affects the sustainable development of higher education.Modern Chinese missionary universities have made important contributions to the development of modern Chinese higher education.The particularity of its school nature has brought about the uniqueness of its tuition and grant system.University of Nanking is a prestigious Christian university in China.It has made great achievements in the study of Chinese culture and English literature,and its agriculture and forestry discipline has laid the foundation for the development of China's agroforestry.Studying the tuition and fees and grant system of University of Nanking can reproduce the development prospect of the economic source of Christian universities since modern times,and explore the important role of tuition and fees and grant system in the development of Christian universities.The paper makes full use of the relevant literature,on the basis of exploring the causes and difficulties of tuition reform in modern Chinese official schools,analyses the necessity of the reform of the grant system,and then analyses the development context and causes of the tuition and grant system in modern Chinese missionary schools,thus forming a preliminary understanding of the evolution process of tuition and grant system in modern Chinese higher education.On this basis,by sorting out,counting and analyzing the collected data of tuition and fees,total funds,award items,number of students and source of students about University of Nanking in the past time,the development process of the tuition and grant system of University of Nanking will be sorted out.Some national universities,private universities and other missionary universities were selected as comparison objects.The reasons and characteristics of the changes in tuition and fees and grants were analyzed in combination with the factors of government,economy and students.Then the impact of the interaction between tuition and fees system and grant system for University of Nanking was analyzed,then it provides a reference for the reform of tuition and grant system in higher education today.The paper believes that the evolution of the tuition and grant system of University of Nanking has gone through a process,from low fees and high subsidies in the initial period to high fees and high subsidies,and then to double-track system for higher education charges for public students and students with fees.In the process of development,tuition fee income is an important source of funds for the sustainable development of University of Nanking,and also an important means of regulating school finance.In different periods,the reform of the grant system of University of Nanking is well adapted to the strict tuition collection system of the school,which promotes the development of the school disciplines,ensures the sufficient student resources and regulates the structure of student sources,and to a certain extent ensures the fairness of education.University of Nanking has rich and diversified sources of funding.In the process of the reform of tuition and grant system reform,the game between the mission and the government has provided ample funds for University of Nanking,which provides an important guarantee for the stable development of the school.
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