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The Study Of The Influence Of Grant And Free Tuition Policy On The Selection Of Junior High School Graduates Going To Secondary Vocational Schools In Mianyang Sichuan

Posted on:2016-05-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2297330461986517Subject:Education management
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The secondary vocational school’s student grant was set up to fund the rural and urban low income families’ students in vocational schools which complied with the decision of state council on establishing financial aid policy of impoverished students in vocational schools in 2007. The common standard is 1500 RMB per year per student for two years period. The tuition free policy was set up to exempt tuition of low income families in both rural and urban students and students who majored in agriculture in vocational schools which complied with the suggestion of finance department on impoverished students and agriculture students in 2009。This article is focusing on the influences of vocational school student grant and tuition free policies on school choices of junior high school graduates in Mian Yang area, mainly on the promotion and regulation effects and the potential problems and difficult, attempting to find out the results of students grant and tuition exemption plus the other factors which may impact the graduates’ choices. The author made a questionnaire survey on 932 students in 8 schools in Mian Yang city in order to collect the data of potential sources of students of vocational school. The questionnaire includes the questions as: the family background, reasons for choosing vocational school, self-assessment of students, influence of student grant and tuition exemption,satisfaction of vocational school, main reasons of graduates choosing high school instead of vocational school; awareness of junior high school students toward vocational school financial aid policy and how this policy affects their graduation choices. After analysis on above mentioned questionnaire, we can conclude that the influence of financial aid policy on junior high school graduates is not obvious. Accordingly, the author suggests that: firstly, the local government shall lead a good social opinion on vocation education. Secondly, each education sectors shall strengthen the advertising.Thirdly, the financial aid system needs improvement.Last but not least, and we need to achieve the free vocational education gradually.
Keywords/Search Tags:vocational school, student grant and tuition exemption, junior high school graduates, effects
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