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A Study Of Sunflower-Cultivation In Sheng Feng Si She,Inner Mongolia

Posted on:2018-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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This essay describes the cultivation of sunflower in Sheng Feng Si She village,putting much focus on the history and influence of sunflower cultivation.I try to discuss how peasants make their decisions faced with market economy.Do they choose to avoid any risk in order to keep survive,or make every effort to gain profit with much more risk,or act based on social relations?From what i found in Sheng Feng Si She,peasants always make a choice with comprehensive consideration.Planting sunflowers in large area is a choice on account of the natural environment.Under the influence of policies to promote the cultivation of sunflower in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region,the villagers began to plant sunflower in a large area.The conditions of Sheng Feng Si She are particularly suitable for the cultivation of sunflower.In addition,the economic benefit of sunflower is nearly double the grain crops.What's more,the risk of sunflower cultivation is not high.At the same time,the villagers generally raise sheep,to some extent,to reduce the risk of the market economy.The villagers can get much-needed cash in the difficult period by selling sheep.Also,sheep can propagate.In the whole process of planting sunflower,the villagers must make constant judgments and decisions,they striving to grasp the market opportunity,and actively integrating into the market economy,which fully reflect the initiative of the villagers in the face of market economy.The essay is divided into six chapters.The introduction part discusses the reason of the study,review of academic study,significance and methods of the research.The second chapter introduces the location,natural environment,history and social culture of Sheng Feng Si She.The third chapter discusses the factors of agricultural production including land,irrigation,labor,tools and machines.Meanwhile,the local phenomenon of "water-watching" and farming partnership are described.In the fourth chapter,the planting of sunflower is introduced in detail.Firstly,the characteristics of sunflower and the history of cultivation are introduced.Then,the sunflower-planting of Sheng Feng Si She is described in the two stages of before mechanization and after mechanization.In the fifth chapter,I describe different kinds of relationship,such as relationship among peasants,between peasants and hired labor,between peasants and buyers,between buyers and workers,between buyers and leasers of village and town.The sixth chapter analyzes the sunflowers cultivation,listing the possible reasons for the change of the villagers from the cultivation of food crops to grow cash crops,and the economic benefit and effects of sunflower cultivation to villagers.The seventh chapter is the conclusion,which summarizes the various aspects of the choice made by the villagers,and points out that they have great initiative and passion in the face of the market economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sunflower-cultivation, Decisions Of Peasants, Economic Benefit, Relationship
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