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A Risk Assessment On Debris Flow Disasters As Well As Its Benefit Evaluation On Engineering Of Preventive Treatment At Zhaozhuang Village Of Xingtai City

Posted on:2016-03-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2180330479950064Subject:Geological Engineering
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In many geological disasters, debris flow belongs to one disaster which has big influence, huge destructive, and one of the major disasters which is not easy to be ignored.Due to the terrain condition of our country the debris flow disasters are threatening many parts of whole country. Although government has paid enough attention to the debris flow disasters and also invested a lot of manpower and material resources, there are no significant results achieved with effective in prevention and treatment, sometimes it is even a negative rate in considering of rate between input and output.With reference of the research data at home and abroad, the field investigation on site,and research methods with qualitative integrated with quantitative, the paper has carried a detailed analysis in type, size, activity characteristics and scope affected for the disasters of debris flow in Zhaozhuang village as well as risk assessment on its disasters of debris flow in the area studied. Then an evaluation model is proposed for engineering benefit in prevention and control of the debris flow disasters in Zhaozhuang village. The model is derived from two aspects which are economic evaluation and social benefit evaluation.Through an appraisal model for the economic benefit, the maximum possible economic loss in potential value has been calculated in the area studied at the first, then direct costs,construction technology, control effect and social influence have been taken as several index for an evaluation to optimize out a best solution from two of alternative control scheme. After that, in a view of rate between input and output the maximum possible economic loss in potential value has been compared with direct costs in the area studied to carried out economic evaluation on prevention and control of disasters of debris flow in Zhaozhuang village. Then sustainable development and ecological environment were chosen as two evaluation indexes in the model of social benefit evaluation to carry it out in the area studied.The purpose of the study is going to establish a scientific evaluation model which can provide a right way in research on prevention and control of debris flow disasters.Hopefully it could push and help the development of theories and methods in prevention and control of disasters of debris flow and play an important role in creating a more stable and more harmonious social environment in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:debris flow disasters, prevention and control engineering, benefit evaluation, economic benefits, social benefits
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