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The Design And Implementation Of An Emergency Management System For A Company

Posted on:2018-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,with the deep development of X company,the requirements for it to deal with emergencies are higher and higher,the full integration of emergency management ability with production and operation also have higher requirements for the company's production,safety management as well as communication support.X company is located at Sichuan Basin with a complicated supply chain,wide distribution of dangerous sources as well as inconvenient traffic in part areas,to build a corresponding emergency management system in the company so as to realize the standardization and scientization of emergency emergency disposal and optimize the corresponding procedures,to construct and perfect emergency disposal system so as to improve efficiency,support the production and operation fully and reduce the impact of emergencies to a large extent.The research and development of emergency management system of x company is taken as the background to sum up and conclude the construction of emergency management system at home and abroad in this thesis the relevant theories and technologies are studied,and emergency management system of function like emergency alarm,video conference,emergency command management,user management,real-time monitoring and so on is designed based on real business requirements of x company.Through the comparison of advantages and disadvantages of.NET and J2 EE,J2EE technology is adopted to construct the software architecture so as to meet the requirements for the expansion and probability of comprehensive emergency management system.The actual engineering requirements of the system are combined,emergency communication means adopted include satellite communications,trunking mobile communication,microwave communication and HF radio communication,all of them have the advantages of wireless and good maneuverability,and they are all advantageous means of communication in emergencies.They are integrated,and then collect and process the scene image through wireless video,and then discuss the key technologies of video conference to meet requirement of real-time transmission and ensure the audio and video quality of the on-site meeting by making use of Internet resources to a maximum degree,then insert data service network,video communication network and other communication networks into the physicalframework of emergency management system,and corresponding functional modules are designed,which are consistent with the emergency management of the company.The system is tested after completion,including unit testing and functional testing,according to the results of the test,the system runs steadily and achieves the expected goal,and the system test index has passed the test.Through the study of this paper,emergency management system is designed and realized,now the system has been in operation,it promotes the integral emergency management ability of the company and ensures the safety of production and operation in the company to a large extent during its application.
Keywords/Search Tags:Emergency management, emergency communications, software architecture, wireless video transmission
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