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Based On B/S Structure Of The Research And Implementation Of A Content Management System

Posted on:2017-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As a requirement of national development, more and more companies are paying more attention to their online strategy. However, due to absence of technical facilities and operation experience, many of them are not able to adjust themselves to online strategy in time. On the consequences of that, a kind of system is highly required, which solve all general technical problems for those can not. Furthermore, with this system user can update latest news and articles easily and quickly.A brief system of content management was studied and established during working on this project. This system has useable, seasonable and alterable capability with which users, especially those in small or medium companies, can run their own website with or without any technical facilities or any professional experience. It enables them those abilities by wrapping up all technic related issue to the system itself.This project is aim to build a software system that helps medium-sized and small enterprises to setup and maintain their official websites. This system is more convenient to use, less complex system to maintain, and less difficult to setup, comparing to other content management systems. To achieve that, the system eventually reduces its capability of flexibility. However, the further version will be richer in content styles with more build-in content model and styles.This system has two part, backend and frontend. The employees, who are assumed to be the backend user, use the backend to update contents of and manage the frontend. The frontend is the official website visited by internet visitors. The templet engine is the most essential component of this system. The engine works as a translator, replaces the meaningful code in the templet into real content in database. So that the web visitors can view the latest website.
Keywords/Search Tags:Content Management System, Templet Engine, Content Publish System
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