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Research And Development Of Forest Germplasm Resources Data Acquisitoin System Based On GIS

Posted on:2016-10-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2348330461980219Subject:Computer technology
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The forest germplasm resources is a kind of genetic diversity based on species, which would greatly represent the ecosystem diversity and genetic diversity of one species. As the national basic strategic resources,the richness of forest germplasm resources is a important assurance in many fields, such as keeping forest genetic diversity and ecosystem diversity, seeds selection and breeding new varieties of trees, the conservation and development of forest germplasm resources. In conclusion, the forest germplasm resources census which could help the government and scholar to obtain the current situation and trends of national forest germplasm resources has important important significance for make effective conservation and development policies.Software engineering idea were used in the whole software development life cycle, include requirement specification?architecture design?detailed design?coding and testing. For ensuring the stability and reliability of the system, domain modeling is also used. The system could be distributed into two parts, the field data collection system and the indoor data processing system. Both the two systems were designed by domain modeling technology. The field data collection system was developed by Java and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android,it could run on field investigation terminal equipment that equipped with GPS module and camera. With this system, the investogators could get position?navigation to the destination?input forest germplasm resources data?measure perimeter and area?and take photo for forest germplasm resources quickly and easily, while do not need to carry log book?hand-held GPS receiver and camera. The indoor data processing system was developed by C# and ArcGIS Engine component, it could run on PCs with Windows System. The field collected data could be imported into the indoor data processin system, and with this system, manual input data is no need.This paper proposed to establish a integration software system for the forest germplasm resources census to substitute for traditional census way, which could dramatically improve the effectiveness and data quality, and reduce the intensity of field survey.,system will have a high availability, a better security, a fast response speed, a friendly interface and it's easy for operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Forest Germplasm Gesources, ArcGIS Engine, Forest Genetic resources, 3S Technolygy
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