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Research On Structural Simulation And Signal Process Of Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor

Posted on:2008-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215997121Subject:Instrument Science and Technology
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Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) technique is a kind of simple, immediate sensing technique, which studies the property of environment nearby the metal's surface by refractive index measure. The technique has a very fast development from the principle research to application research, and the SPR sensor has a tremendous development potential in many realms such as environmental protection, bio-chemical measure and food monitor etc.Firstly, the work principle of prism SPR sensor with wavelength domain modulation is thoroughly discussed. Based on the theoretic reflection spectrum, the factors which affect SPR spectra are analyzed, such as the angle of incidence, materials for optical coating, prism index, metallic film thickness, environmental refractive index, and the layers of film. The analytical results provided the theory foundation for choosing optic parameter of prism SPR sensor in practice.Secondly, the optical fiber SPR sensor's work principle and sensing character are discussed in detail. In order to acquire the sensing character, the optical fiber SPR examination system is build to measure liquor's refractive index of analytical reagents. In the meantime, based on the theoretical study of SPR, the GUIDE tool of MATLAB7 is used to emulate the SPR sensor. Then, the relationship between reflection spectrum and system parameter can be studied visually.Thirdly, the work principle of distributed SPR sensor is studied in the paper, and its examinational scope and resolution are also discussed preliminarily. Based on the configuration of optical fiber SPR sensor, the distributed and multi-channel SPR sensor is designed, and their sensor character are studied by experiment research.Finally, the application of wavelet analysis for the SPR reflected spectrum is studied in this paper. The migration of resonant wavelength caused by noise is corrected, and the experimental data is compressed by wavelet analysis. Make use of the multi-resolution analysis of wavelet, the overlapping signals of distributed SPR sensor are separated, and its resolution is raised enormously.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface Plasmon Resonance, Surface Plasmon Resonance sensor, distributed sensor, wavelet analysis
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