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The Design And Implementation Of Video Source Selection System Based On Network Quality Evaluation

Posted on:2014-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2308330482483355Subject:Computer Science and Technology
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In recent decades, modern network technology has been rapid development. With the vigorous development of the Internet, the usage of online network video rise year after year, and network video users scale continues to grow. However, the video site is faced with some problems, such as low new user loyalty and the video site content homogenization. Due to video resolution and bit rate as well as the architecture of each video site, they provide different user experience to users. It is considerate that users have different perception to the video content of the same video site.The pattern of network video has not yet formed, and still in a flourishing stage. The users of video site also face video content homogenization and other issues. It is hard for uses to choose their own needs according to the colorful information sources. Video source selection system based on network quality of service evaluation, automatically recommends good quality of service video sources to users which improve user experience and shield the user perception differences.In the light of video sources selection, two important factors, Available Bandwidth and Round Trip Time, affect the quality of the network. It becomes a top priority for the user to select the video source combining network quality of service.In this paper, analyzing the interaction processes of the user’s browser and the video server during playback of mainstream video website, we implement the page address converting to the real address of each video site. Firstly, we get JSON or XML data of the video. Then, by looking for the law of real address, we get the real address which is the core test file to be used in the calculation evaluation quality of service. And we take advantage of the popularity of the Flash plug SWF with ActionScript, and reach to the evaluation of the quality of service:Available Bandwidth and Round Trip Time. Finally, good quality network video sites are recommended to users.
Keywords/Search Tags:Video Source Selection, Network Quality, Network Measurement, Available Bandwidth, Round Trip Time
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