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The Research And Analysis Of The End-to-end Network Performance Measurement System

Posted on:2010-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W S LuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178330338485618Subject:Computer technology
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Currently, network size and complexity are increasing. Internet Service Providers and users want to understand their network performance. End-to-end network performance measurement techniques provide scientific basis to network management, fault diagnosis, equipment deployment and application development. In this paper, the definition of network performance parameters is analyzed; the classification of measurement methods, especially for latency and bandwidth measurement methods are studied. Research results are described as follows:1. A single-ended measurement method of available bandwidth based on TCP is proposed. Compared with the current methods of measuring available bandwidth, the measurement method based on probing gap is more accurate than the measurement method based on probing rate, and its negative impact on the network decrease more than that of the measurement method based on probing rate. Traditional method based on measuring available bandwidth need cooperation of send-side and receive-side. Based on probing gap model, a single-ended measurement method by simulating the TCP protocol is proposed in this paper. The experiment results show that system using this method is easier deployed than that using traditional two-end measurement method, and its measurement precision is close to that of two-end measurement system.2. The current round-trip delay measurement method is improved in this paper. The system using ping tool has more measurement error of round-trip delay, and can not solve the issue of ICMP packet filtering firewall. The method using Linux operating system PF_PACKET socket is proposed in this thesis; it gains round-trip delay by the packet arrival time stamp of the network adapter. Compared with the traditional user-space acquisition system, the method using PF_PACKET socket of Linux operating system reduces the measurement error. Sending forged SYN packet using the same socket solves the problem of firewalls filtering ICMP.3. An end-to-end network performance measurement system based on web service is designed. By use of the previous research results, an end-to-end network performance measurement prototype system in the environment of a multi-domain network is designed; based on Web Service technology, it is characterized by high cohesion, low coupling, with good scalability. The system provides service modules including measurement points, archiving measurement data, authentication, registration, and search services. The execution results show that the system can gain measurement data of round-trip delay and available bandwidth in unfixed-time mode and fixed-time mode.The end-to-end network performance measurement system based on web service proposed in this thesis is characterized by being easily deployed maintaining measurement precision of traditional measurement system, decreasing measurement error of traditional user-space acquisition system, high cohesion, low coupling, and good scalability.
Keywords/Search Tags:End-to-End, Network Performance, Round Trip Time, Available Bandwidth
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