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Research On Measurement Of Network Performance Metrics In Programmable Network

Posted on:2022-05-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2518306524484424Subject:Master of Engineering
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Network performance metrics are parameters that characterize the operating status of the network,usually including delay,packet loss rate,and available bandwidth.The measurement of network performance metrics is to use specific measurement methods to obtain network performance metrics,and then provide necessary input information for network management such as network behavior monitoring,network abnormality discovery,and network failure analysis.Due to the lack of flexible control capabilities and basic network measurement functions,traditional networks have problems such as high implementation complexity of measurement tasks,coarse measurement granularity,and low accuracy.In a programmable network,users can customize the processing flow of data packets through a unified open interface and programming language.Such flexible pro-cessing capabilities bring new opportunities for network performance index measurement.Network performance metrics are generally divided into end-to-end performance metrics and link performance metrics.Link performance metrics are more granular and can more intuitively reflect the operating status of a single device within the network.Therefore,this article focuses on the research on the measurement methods of link performance metrics in programmable networks.The link round-trip time is the sum of the time spent by data packets in the two directions of the link,and it is an important indicator reflecting the transmission performance of the network link.Measuring the round-trip time of the link helps to find network congestion,so as to find abnormal links and optimize the network in time.The in-band network telemetry technology can carry the internal state information of the network device through the data packet to obtain the round-trip time of the link,but the INT technology needs the support of the forwarding chip,and the deployment cost is high.Therefore,this paper studies the method of using in-band and out-of-band combined methods to obtain link round-trip time in this kind of hybrid programmable network of INT-enabled switches and ordinary SDN switches.First,in order to reduce the measurement cost,this paper studies the monitor deployment problem under the limit of monitor capacity,and proves that the problem is NP-hard.In order to effectively solve this problem,this paper proposes a heuristic algorithm based on "bidding".Then,on the basis of determining the placement of the monitor,this paper also designs a detection path construction method that minimizes the detection cost.Experiments show that the link round-trip time measurement method proposed in this paper can obtain a monitor deployment solution that is close to the opti-mal solution in multiple network topologies.The accuracy of the measurement results is high and the measurement cost increases with the increase in the proportion of INT node deployment.reduce.The location of abnormal network link performance metrics refers to locating links with abnormal transmission performance in the network by obtaining network link status information,which is one of the important issues in daily network management.Gener-ally speaking,to locate abnormal link performance metrics,it is necessary to obtain the status information of each link in the network.In programmable network,INT technol-ogy can collect the performance metrics of each link through the method of carrying link performance metrics in data packets,but this method of attaching link performance met-rics to the data packets at each node of the network is too costly.Large and limited by the maximum message length.Therefore,how to find links with abnormal transmission performance metrics while carrying as few link performance metrics as possible is of im-portant value.This paper proposes a method for intelligently locating abnormalities of programmable network link performance metrics based on reinforcement learning.This method uses the DQN algorithm,takes the end-to-end delay of the service flow as input information,and intelligently selects links that may have abnormal transmission perfor-mance for monitoring,thereby reducing the scope of link status monitoring.Experiments show that the programmable network link performance metrics abnormal intelligent loca-tion method proposed in this paper can intelligently select the link that may have abnormal transmission performance for performance metrics measurement,and greatly reduce the cost of link performance metrics collection.
Keywords/Search Tags:programmable network, link round-trip time, in-band network telemetry, abnormal location, reinforcement learning
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