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Keyword [Network Measurement]
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1. Research On Opinion Dynamics In Microblogging Network Based On Heterogeneous Relationship
2. Study On Network Performance Measurement And Service Optimization In Cloud Computing
3. Research On The Key Technology Of Re-configurable Network Measurement
4. Research On Some Key Issues For High-Speed Internet Performance Measurements
5. Research On IP Network Measurement And Traffic Performance
6. Study On Congestion Control Based On Network Measurement In Wired/Wireless Networks
7. Network Measurement Technologies, Models And Algorithms Based On Active And Passive Measurement
8. The Research On Scalability And Related Key Agorithms Of Internet Measurement Systems
9. Identifying P2P Traffic And Abnomal Events In The Internet Based On Flow Measurement
10. The Researches On Monitoring Techniques For End-to-End Internet Performance
11. Sensor Network Measurement Technologies Based On End-to-end Measurement
12. Research On Traffic Sampling For IP Network Measurement
13. Research On Key Technologies Of Network Measurement And Control In Modern Distributed Monitor And Control System And Their Applications
14. Study On Active Network Performance Analysis
15. Research On P2P Network And User Behaviors Modeling And Analysis Based On Measurement And Simulation
16. Researches On Internet Performance Monitoring Based On Active Measurements
17. Research Of Accurate Available Bandwidth Probing And Traffic Monitoring Technology Based On End-to-end Measurement
18. Research Of Network Measurement And Routing Adjustment Algorithm For Internet Traffic Engineering
19. Research On Scalability And Related Key Algorithms For Network Measurement Based On Packet Sampling
20. The Research On Data Storage And Traffic Modeling In IP Network Measurement
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