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Study On Carrying Capacity Of Groundwater Resources In Water - Saving And Grain - Increasing Demonstration Area Of ​​Heilongjiang Province

Posted on:2016-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2270330461486964Subject:Hydraulic engineering
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Zhaozhou as water-saving increase food demonstration area of Heilongjiang Province, water conservation is a topic of water-saving increase in grain operations, the purpose of water resources carrying capacity study is to be able rational exploitation of water resources, due to the lack of surface water Zhaozhou groundwater resources as a major water Zhaozhou, the study of groundwater resources carrying capacity Zhaozhou County has a very important practical significance. Based on the literature analysis of the future direction of water resources carrying capacity study done about the discussion; the same carrying capacity of water resources based on this study had a relatively definition, through the analysis of water resources carrying capacity characteristic Analysis of water resources and sustainable development of the relationship between carrying capacity and the establishment of a comprehensive index system of groundwater resources carrying capacity, the system is divided into water systems, social systems, economic systems, ecological systems. And because the unique features of each subsystem was specific evaluation of each subsystem. Select the matter element model evaluation method of groundwater resources carrying capacity Zhaozhou comprehensive evaluation, to establish matter to determine the classical field and festival fields. The investigation carried out in accordance with the information obtained Zhaozhou raw data specific numbers calculated the results of the evaluation Zhaozhou twelve towns, and based on the results of how Zhaozhou rational exploitation and utilization of groundwater resources for the countermeasures.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhaozhou, Water resources bearing capacity, bearing capacity index, evaluation
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