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Suzhou New Citizen Community Media Present Under The Background Of The New Urbanization

Posted on:2015-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2268330428498666Subject:Journalism and communication
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The purpose of this article is to vigorously promote urbanization in the country on theoccasion, Choosing the National Construction demonstration towns, Suzhou as anExample, the research includes the media image of the new citizens groups of migrantworkers, the local Peasants, to understand how the media shape the image of this groupand why shaping them to the image that the media wanted and so on. This study usedcontent analysis, and choose November2012April2013as a research period. studySelected Suzhou local mainstream paper media "Suzhou Daily","Suzhou Evening News"as the object of study. The study found out that the media, in the consciousness level, didnot show the respect to the "new citizens" group. Still are focusing on the migrant workersand ignoring the local coverage peasants, While demonizing shaping migrant workers nolonger exist, but the spread of the phenomenon of stereotype still serious. The word “newcitizens” is widely used in the policy discourse, from the official needs a new, positive, intoa new public image. But the study found that the media of Suzhou does not endorse “newcitizens “.Discourse of migrant workers get very little,the media shape the image ofmigrant workers unilaterally. As the broadcaster of era, social media identity is built onthe basis of the country, the media should start a new round of " new citizens " imageconstruction, which plays a key role in the city stable and the progress of urbanization, leadtimes, and promote the development of urbanization. The media need to think about how tobetter shape a new public image, in order to promote the development of urbanization. Atleast at the micro level, the media of Suzhou should reverse the stereotype of migrantworkers to start a new round mage construction of "new citizens".
Keywords/Search Tags:urbanization, media image of the new citizens
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