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Research Of CNTV Intranet Reform Project Proposal

Posted on:2013-11-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T BiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2248330371979728Subject:Project management
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During the transition period from CCTV.COM to CNTV.CN, which is the subsidiarycompany of China Central Television Station, now the delivery service of CNTV.CN isgoing to shift from a Narrowband Network Service with image-text mainly andsupplemented by low-bit video to the globalization of High Bandwidth Network Service,which is high-bit rate stream mainly and supplemented by image-text. The importantbusiness transition will bring relevant implementation and a corresponding technologysystem reform or expansion. Due to historical and institutional reasons, the transition projecthas to be self-financed and accomplished independently by CNTV, and also need considerthe integration with the original network of CCTV. Therefore, the transition project will facefunding, employees, technology and other limitation that need to do deeply research for theproposal.The study is based on the intranet reform project in CNTV facing the variety ofpractical situations and limitations to compare and make a choice of the proposal planning.The objective of this research is to find out an operational proposal for the intranet reformproject. The study also analyses and compares project management theory, the internal andexternal situation, the background and environment of the project. Through the definition ofthe objective, proposal planning, operation planning and implementation suggestion, toanalysis and research of the intranet reform project and accomplish successfully...
Keywords/Search Tags:CNTV, Intranet Reform, Project Management, Proposal research
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