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Saas Architecture Maturity Model Study On The Application Of Level3 In Inventory Systems

Posted on:2010-11-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2208360275483827Subject:Software engineering
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At present, many inland users who use the software system, often facing a problem that the software and hardware purchase and maintenance costs too high, and the new SaaS model, will reduce the hardware and software purchase and maintenance costs through change the buy-out model into the software rental model.SaaS (Software as a service) is a new software application model, which provides software services by online software rental, that is, software provider do not sell rent-only software, they will put all software applications on their own servers, the user can order the necessary software subscription services by actual demand, to pay for it according to the number of subscription services and the rented time, and access to online services. Software provider manages and maintains the software solely to provide internet applications, it also provides offline software operation and local data storage, allowing users to use they ordered software and services anytime, anywhere.Frederick Chong, a senior architect of Microsoft strategic architecture group, with SaaS architecture director Gianpaolo Carraro, published "Architecture Strategies for Catching the Long Tail", which divided SaaS Maturity Model into four levels, according to the SaaS application whether or not with a configurable, high performance and scalable characteristics, each level of increase than the previous level over a characteristics above. One of Level 3 is defined as the Configurable, Multi-Tenant-Efficient, that is, high-performance multi-tenant architecture.This thesis introduces the concept of SaaS and essential features, discussion the biggest difference between SaaS applications with other applications─multi-tenants, it simultaneously makes a distinction with the traditional ASP model, through in-depth investigation both at home and abroad development of SaaS applications, analyses related applications of medium-sized company informationize based on SaaS this new model. The thesis using a multi-tenant Supply Chain Management designed as a carrier, based on the study of four SaaS Architecture Maturity Model, first of all advances a SaaS application architecture, and then selects a suitable maturity model as a application architecture according to the system requirements. Through the multi-tenant Supply Chain Management system analysis and design, the SaaS Architecture Maturity Model integrates with specific applications, to achieve the goal of research.
Keywords/Search Tags:SaaS, Software as a Service, maturity model, supply chain management, enterprise informationize
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