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High Maturity SaaS Model And Research Of Its Application In SRM System

Posted on:2011-06-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360302499933Subject:Computer software and theory
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With computer technology's improving, especially the vigorous development of Internet technology, more and more people begin to contact and use Internet, more and more enterprises are seeking related to Internet and Web-based solution, which created a huge demand of Internet applications and software. Existing software development methods is low in code reusing, the development cycle is long, the post-maintenance also has many difficulties. All of these have brought the difficulties which can't meet this demand. So computer software researchers and industry have been in the search for a new Internet application development method, with a view that can build a new Internet era on the basis of this new Internet application development method.In this context, SaaS (Software as a Service) are increasingly well known of all the people. SaaS model is a new software application model in order to provide online software rental software services. That is, the software service provider of software rent not sell, they will put their uniform application server, users can according to the actual needs, order the necessary software to their service, according to Order Service number and length of time to the service provider pay, and receive online services. SaaS model has become a widely used software model, service delivery has been adopted by more and more users.SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is very useful for enterprises, especially SMEs. The value of SRM has become increasingly apparent. SRM system has played an important role in the production supply chain improvements, lower production costs, purchasing and production efficiencies improvements. More and more enterprises are in urgent need of SRM system, SRM system has a broad business prospect, which is an indisputable fact.This paper analyzes the classic SaaS model application architecture, proposes a high maturity SaaS model which is based on virtualization technology. And this model is used to guide building a SRM system's high degree of SaaS maturity model system architecture.This paper describes the SRM system development and status, combined with other enterprise application software such as CRM comparison and technical characteristics of SaaS models presented should be based on SaaS model SRM system components of the development of the necessity and feasibility. Papers SaaS model by analyzing the SRM system development strengths, combined with SRM system itself features a complex system design characteristics and the principles of SRM built specifically for a SRM system's high degree of SaaS maturity model system architecture.This paper also gives the pilot applied to China Heavy Duty Truck Group Jinan commercial vehicle company of the SRM system specifics. In the system design, this paper analyses and designs the business needs and business process of the heavy truck SRM system architecture, based on the above-mentioned architecture. The design of heavy truck SRM system is also combined with component-based thinking the multi-tenant SRM method, meanwhile multi-tenant Data Access was designed to isolate the design and rights management.This paper also describe some parts of the functions of the system, and validate in the SaaS model features SRM system architecture based on the above-mentioned embodiment of the system, such as the configurability, scalability, multi-tenant nature.In the above-mentioned research and practice, based on the article also need to do some more work in designing the subdivision of SRM system components, database load issues, and data mining.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supplier Relationship Management SRM, Software as a Service SaaS, Multi-tenant
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