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Ld Side-pumped Red, Green Dual-wavelength Solid-state Lasers

Posted on:2010-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, with the increasing demand for dual-wavelength laser in many industries,such as interference rainbow holography, fine laser spectrum, differential absorption radar(DIAL) , laser medicine, laser display, dual-wavelength diode-pumped laser has taken moreadvantage over traditional dual-wavelength lasers. And it has become a hot research subjectin recent years.As two important wavelengths in visible waveband, with their broad application in cross area of medical treatment, display, research, it is very necessary to conduct red&green dual-wavelength DPL research.Most of the reported Dual-wavelength all-solid-state laser emit radiation at 1319nm and 660nm, which are fundamental frequency ray and its frequency doubling outputting at the same time, or at 946nm and 1064nm, which are two fundamental frequency oscillation ray outputting at the same time. However it has nearly been a blank area of dual-wavelength laser of 532nm and 660nm.This dissertation has made theoretical and experimental research on 660nm and 532nm dual-wavength all solid-state Nd:YAG laser and an experimental plan carrying out this simultaneous dual-wavelength output has been designed. In the experiment, by using a single NdrYAG rod, we got two fundamental frequency laser at 1064nm and 1319nm. Then through frequency doubling technology, 660nm and 532nm outputs are obtained either simultaneously or separately. The expected red and green laser outputs are achieved through this experiment. In separate output section, by using an Acousto-optic Q-switch, 1100mW red laser and 4500mW green laser are obtained. And in simultaneous output section, the power of red laser and green one have reached 1020mW and 4300mW ,both section have satisfactory laser pattern.
Keywords/Search Tags:All-solid-state Laser, Dual-wavelength, Frequency doubling, Acousto-optic Q-Switch
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