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Study On All-solid-state Beal2o4:cr3+ Laser

Posted on:2012-05-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118330338966061Subject:Physical Electronics
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Tunable laser with range of wavelength from 0.7~0.8μm is widely used in laser medical, photochemistry, laser remote sensing, material processing, laser radar and nonlinear optics and other frontier fields. Laser Diode Pumped Solid State Laser (DPSL) has many advantages such as smaller volume, lighter weight, compactness, long lifetime. The collaboration of DPSL and tunable laser technology will promote the application in fields listed above. Among gain mediums of the solid state laser, chrysoberyl laser crystal is one of the best material for produced laser and laser amplifier. In this paper, we choose chrysoberyl as tuned crystal and frequency-doubling Nd:YAG laser, outputting high power, have good quality of laser, pumped by LD as pump light source. Based on theory and experiment, we investigated quality of laser, high efficiency of second harmonic, range of wavelength, and realized high-repetition, narrow pulse width, high conversion efficiency of tunable laser. We also carefully analyzed optical characteristics and obtained ultraviolet by nonlinear frequency conversion. The main researches and innovative works are listed below:1.With the help of acousto-optic Q-switch technology, principle of gauss beam transmission, change of second harmonic, for insuring laser beam quality and output power, we discuss reasons for thermal lens and thermally induced birefringence theoretically. Based on that, we have researches on high power continuous-wave and quasi-continuous wave fundamental frequency DPL2.We obtain a high pulse repetition, LD side-pumped 1064 nm Nd:YAG all-solid-state laser composed of a low doped Nd:YAG crystal, a double Q switch orthogonal configuration. We employed a design of design of thermo approximate unsteady cavity and compensation technique of double bars concatenation thermal birefringence in the laser, and a designing of double crystal temperature control device and introduction of control algorithm in PID algorithm are also applied. The average power is~32W,repetition frequency~10kHz, M2≈1.63.3.We study laser dynamic of chrysoberyl crystal and analyze characteristics of energy level transition of phonon laser crystal. We employ model to investigate amplifying characteristics of chrysoberyl crystal. Noting the proper change of laser crystal with the change of temperature, we propose the principle of application of the characteristics listed above.4.According to the rate equation of space correlation four-level system, we study the I/O characteristics of end face pump solid laser and the influence of space variable to outputs.5.The employment of chrysoberyl crystal pumped by laser at 532nm realize higher efficiency of laser at 0.7~0.8μm.tunable laser technology help us realize the tunable laser and tunable LD pumped solid state laser.6.The realization of ultraviolet laser is fulfilled by high repetition green laser, low repetition rate laser with electro-optic Q-switch, extra cavity frequency doubling, conversion of laser at 0.7~0.8μm.
Keywords/Search Tags:chrysoberyl crystal, extra cavity frequency doubling, pumped sourse, gain characteristics, electro-optic Q-switch
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