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Reuse, Software Evolution Of Component-based Software Evolution Process

Posted on:2009-11-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F DaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2208360242491154Subject:Computer software and theory
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The importance and popularity of software evolution increase as more and more successful software systems become legacy systems. On the one hand, software evolution has become an important characteristic in the software life cycle. On the other hand, software process plays an important role to increase efficiency and quality of software evolution. Therefore, software evolution process, the interdiscipline of software process and software evolution, becomes a key area in software engineering. A well-managed software evolution process can effectively support successful software evolution; however, a poor software evolution process will lead to the failure of software evolution.However, as more and more software evolution process modes are constructed by process designers based on EPMM, how we can reuse these existing models poses a challenging and exciting question for us.This thesis aims to effectively support software evolution process reuse based on software evolution process components. For this purpose, five main progresses have been made in this report:Firstly, a software evolution process component model (EPCM) is proposed. Based on 3C model, it is composed of interface, content and context. Moreover, a software evolution process component (EPC) is defined.Secondly, a software evolution process component description language (EPCDL) is designed. It provides two-level extensible language framework to describe EPC and process architecture. Moreover, it is used to support EPC tailor and EPC composition.Thirdly, based on EPCM, the algorithms for EPC tailor are defined. EPC tailor operations can be classified into four types, namely adding operation, deleting operation, splitting operation and merging operation.Fourthly, based on EPCM, the algorithms for EPC composition are defined. EPC composition operations can be classified into three types, namely sequence composition, selection composition and concurrence composition.Fifth, a process architecture-based EPC composition approach is presented.In summary, a systematic method for software evolution process reuse based on EPCs is proposed.
Keywords/Search Tags:Process Reuse, Process Component, Process Component Description Language, Process Tailor, Process Composition
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