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Research On Reuse-based Software Process Improvement And Control Optimization

Posted on:2005-01-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R Z XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1118360125967392Subject:Computer software and theory
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Nowadays, all countries around the world are practicing the development strategyof information driven industrialization. Many countries including China all takesoftware industry as the backbone industry in their national economy. Theyenthusiastically support and encourage software export. Since then, softwareproduction began changing to globalization and industrialization, software productionentered into software process improvement centered software engineering era. On theother hand, software process improvement is a comprehensive activity. It needslong-term practice and involves methods of software process engineering and keytechnologies of software process field. The research of software process improvementand related technologies is a challenging and important theory and practicalapplication subject. This subject has a significant meaning to improve the softwareproject management and control capability, to advance the process capability maturityof software enterprise, to boost the development of software industry in China. Currently, there are two major patterns for software process improvement:model-driven pattern and measurement-driven pattern. The former practices processimprovement in a Top-Down style while the latter in a Bottom-Up style. The formerfocuses on the improvement of capability maturity of an organization and usuallybrings heavy risks resulted from defect plan of improvement object and model. Thelatter focuses on the improvement of concrete project process and discrete softwareproduct quality. The Bottom-up style usually lacks comprehensive improvementstrategy and the efficiency of process improvement is low. Additionally, the practiceresult of software process improvement based on CMM shows that the processimprovement usually results in the ossification software process and inadequatesupports between organization process improvement and project process control. Begin with advancing the implementation of CMM and enhancing the ability ofprocess control, Reuse technologies are applied in improving and controlling ofprocess. This paper will study the related problems thoroughly, which includes themethodology of reuse-based software process improvement, and the relatedtechnology of process engineering, process control optimization, software riskmanagement and control, process component classification scheme and its retrievingalgorithm. The achievements and main works in this dissertation are listed asfollowing: A new reuse based methodology for process improvement was proposed for the first time, which integrated model-driven (Top-Down) with measurement-driven (Bottom-Up) software process improvement pattern with reuse technologies. A reuse based process framework for software process improvement and control was provided. Based on CMM, The organization and roles for practicing process improvement also were defined. Dynamic adjustment and control optimization 第 III 页复旦大学博士学位论文 Abstract for process were achieved by reusing process components. With all above solution, the forming and reusing for process asset were strengthened, the efficiency of process improvement was increased and the risk for process improvement was dropped. A description scheme represented in faceted scheme and described with XML and retrieving algorithm for process components is offered systemically. First, representation framework of process components is proposed, which consists of component feature information document description, component specification description and component data description. As a result, tree-based inclusion matching algorithm of component query is proposed. A series of experiments on the component library prototype system imply that this algorithm is superior to the two worldwide-us...
Keywords/Search Tags:Process Improvement, Process Control, CMM, Reuse, Process Component
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