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Research On The Multi-functional Glue For Protecting Paper Historic Relics

Posted on:2009-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H CaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360272477326Subject:Applied Chemistry
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Paper historical relics as the painting, calligraphy, manuscript, sutra of the past dynasties remained, are precious historical materials and important cultural heritage of our country's ancient art. Affected by various agents, paper historical relics were faded, yellow, powdered and mildewed with time. So to work on protection of paper historical relics is an arduous and urgent task.This study is on the basis of analyzing damage mechanism, current situation and protection method of the paper historical relics thoroughly, chose chitosan and cellulose as main targets by analyzing and comparing properties of many natural polymer materials. To satisfy the requirements of protection of paper historical relics, the research modified these two materials, prepared a kind of multi-functional material relying mainly on natural polymer material, with crossing and antimicrobial as complement for reinforcing and protecting the paper historical relics.Through testing the whiteness, brightness, thickness, tensile strength, folding endurance, dry-heat aging resistance, acid aging resistance, mildew resistance, printing ink fade and analyzing by SEM, FTIR, it indicates the glue has result of physics strengthening and chemical protection. The glue can reinforce and protect the paper historical relics from thickening fiber, adhereing paper-powder, resisting mildew, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:Paper historical relics, Protection, Chitosan, Cellulose, Modification
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