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1. Studies Of Hydrogen Peroxide Biosensors Fabricated Using Nanomaterials
2. Electrochemical Biosensoring Technique Based On Gold Nanoparticles Modified Electrode
3. Electrostatic Self-Assembly Mono-Layered Composite Films For Glucose Biosensors
4. The Preparation,Characterization And Application Of Biosensors Of Transferrin And Hemoglobin
5. Preparation Of Magnetic Chitosan Microspheres And Application On Laccase Immobilization
6. Studies On Novel Amperometric Immunosensors Based On Bilayer Gold Nanoparticles Modified Electrodes
7. Disposable Electrochemical Biosensor Based On Au-Chitosan-Modified Indium Tin Oxide Electrode
8. Study On The Electrochemistry Biosensor Based On Ferrocene As Electron Transfer Mediator
9. Preparation Of Chitosan And Nanocomposites And Their Application To Biosensor
10. The Studies Of The Chemical And Biologic Sensors Based On Prussian Blue/Chitosan Modified
11. Constructions Of Nano-Biointerface And The Applications In Electrochemical Immunosensor
12. Studies Of Carbon Nanotubes Modified Catechol Sensors
13. Fabrication And Analytical Application Of Glucose Biosensors
14. The Application Of Chitosan Modified Electrode In The Field Of Electrochemical-Sensor
15. Research On The Multi-functional Glue For Protecting Paper Historic Relics
16. Study And Application Of Biosensors Based On Hemoglobin/Chitosan Film
17. Study On The Enzyme Immunosensor For Rapid Detection Of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus Based On Screen-Printed Electrode
18. The Design And Applications Of Dopamine Biosensor
19. A New Immunosensor For Serum Myeloperoxidase
20. Studies On Electrochemical Immunosensors Based On Nanomaterials For Carcinoembryonic Antigen And α-1-fetoprotein
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