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On Digital Technology's Developing Of TV Media's Impact

Posted on:2008-02-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Digital technology is computer science, and explore the impact of television media from digital technology must belong communications areas. With digital technology developing, new media platforms are constantly emerging, and digital technology combine with traditional media are modern media trends. Digital technology is to shake the world, transform and influence the media. Studies on digital technology of television media's impact, focuses on the media which integrated new techniques, try to grasp the current change waves in the main line, it can be develop and use in practice of our television media, and speed up our television media's footsteps.We talk from digital technology to digital media, and then analyzes the transmission mode of digital media, and explore the development of digital technology contributed to television's digital, based on the examples, we talk about the television media in the collection, edit, process, dissemination and operation's development and impact that from the development of digital technology. The paper also discusses the phenomena of the division of product and broadcast because of the media convergence, and discusses the digital technology and television media after the combination, we also put forward a number of its own views and solutions.Our research for the development of digital technology was in policy is still imperfect, system is still incomplete, and exist structural contradiction. Therefore, the problems of the digital technology and television media's integration we should respond positively, not only in the laws and regulations, regulations and policies, should also be in the dissemination agencies, technical institutions, practitioners and the general audience that must raised their great importance to it, a concerted effort to advanced the digital technology and television media convergence.Otherwise, to be a look up research article, we must make out adventurous suppose of television media's develop current, we must make out advanced prospect, so the changes will be more standardization, and will in our programming fields.
Keywords/Search Tags:Digital Technology, TV Media, Digital, Media Convergence
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