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Research On Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor And Its Application

Posted on:2011-02-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2218330338995921Subject:Measuring and Testing Technology and Instruments
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Surface plasmon resonance effect is a quantum optical-electrical phenomenon which arisesfrom the interaction between light with metal's surface,and SPR sensor is a novel sensor based onthis effect, which studies the property of environment outside the metal's surface by refractiveindex measure. For its high sensitivity, low response time, strong capacity of resisting disturbance,suitable for remote telemetering, it has been widely used in many areas, such as biochemistrydetection, food engineering detection, environmental monitoring, civil structure and engineeringphysics, and plays a tremendous role. This paper will be divided into the following several parts:Firstly, the basic principle of SPR effect is introduced briefly, when waves propagate inwaveguide, how SPR effect influence the change of pattern and different wavelengths lightintensity are analyzed, which based on the model of metal-coated stratotype symmetrical threelayers of planar wave-guide. And Optiwave is used to emulate the modes of light field intensityand Poynting vector when the SPR effect is excited.Secondly, the multi-modulation layer prism SPR sensor is discussed in this paper. The factorswhich affect SPR spectra are analyzed. Making a novel tandem distributed prism SPR sensorsystem based on this theory, the advantages of this sensor is analyzed, the factors effect on itsaccuracy are simulated, and determine the type and thickness of metallic film. Much work onthese parameters is done.Thirdly, a novel optical fiber SPR sensor is used in detection ultrasound. The relationshipbetween reflection spectrum and the ultrasound's and outside environment's system parameter canbe studied visually, the research provide a new kind of method for ultrasonic monitoring.Finally, Resonant wavelength changes when refractive index of the material outside metallicfilm changes. According to this theory, a novel optic-fiber chemical sensor based on surfaceplasmon resonance (SPR) is made. And it is also used to measurements the degradation ofpharmaceutical wastewater in real time. These researches provide the basic research for chemicaldetection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Surface plasmon resonance, Waveguide theory, Prism SPR sensor, Optical fiber SPR sensor, Ultrasonic detection, Biochemical detection
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