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The Research And Implementation Of Embedded Health Information System Based On Linux

Posted on:2008-07-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L TaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360215969678Subject:Computer application technology
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Nowadays many products made with the embedded technology have come into our daily lives, such as cell phones, PDAs, MP4 and STBs, etc. An embedded system is composed of embedded hardware and software, in which the hardware is the basis and the software is the soul of the system. Such a system can also be described as"a special computer system which hardware and software can be tailored to meet the demands of various application systems that have strict requirements on system functions, reliabilities, costs, sizes,energy exhausting and so on.".In this paper, it is surrounded by the author personally attend and complete independence from the Great Wall of Jiangxi network companies to disclose the Bureau of Jiangxi Province Office technology project " health information inquiry embedded system" enhanced version of the study and implementation. The main line of paper is the development process of embedded health information system based on Linux. It focuses on how to choice and struct the system platform, including the hardware platform and software platform. It also focuses on how to construct and realize the system overall structure and function modules.The thesis includes the following content:1.The explanation of the purpose, significance, sources and innovations of the topic, and the status of research;2. The outline about the development of embedded system, including the embedded operating system, graphical user interface and database, etc;3. The establishment of system development platforms, including software and hardware platforms; The hardware platform is ARM9 SBC-2410X; The software platform includes Operating System (Linux),GUI(Qt/Embedded-3.1.2) and Embedded database (Sqlite);4. The analysis of design and implementation of system functions, including the layout of system interfaces and databases, foucs on how to design GUI by Qt and the various operations and update between Qt and sqltie;5. The realization of system operation on SBC-2410X, including the cross compilation and transplantation of the database Sqlite, Graphical User Interface (GUI) Qt/Embedded and the health-care system Doctor;6. The summarization of the research and future work.
Keywords/Search Tags:embedded, health information, system function, sqlite, Linux, Qt/Embedded, SBC-2410X
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