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Research And Implementation Of Embedded Database System Based On Linux

Posted on:2009-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G B ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360245989127Subject:Systems Engineering
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As mobile terminal becomes widespread, real-time process and management in this area enables embedded database system to turn out to be more powerful. At present, technology in embedded database system has developed from research stage into application. Embedded database management system is a new technology blooming in recent years. It implements the convenient and unified data management on embedded devices, integrates the technology of the traditional database management system and the special features of the embedded environment.According to the characteristics of embedded database and system demand, this paper implements an embedded database management system which based on embedded Linux. The system used in embedded devices for data management. This article introduces the characteristics of system function, architecture and other aspects of embedded system and embedded database system, and describes the implementation of the system.Firstly, this paper provides information on understanding embedded database development and its characteristics. Then, an embedded database system which is divided into several functional modules is presented. Moreover, the main function of each module, as well as the configuration of software and hardware development environment, is described. Particularly, ARM9 microprocessor S3C2410 is utilized as the main processor, and the transplant of Linux embedded GUI (Graphical User Interface) operating system bases on it. In details, the transplant includes three parts: Boot Loader, Linux kernel and the file system with Qt graphical interface. Subsequently, open source embedded database SQLite is directly inserted into embedded Linux platform. And we provided a detailed description for developing and implementing the embedded database management system. Then we described the developing of background database system which is on PC platform. Finally, several tests proved that the work of embedded database management system is successful and can support the data's synchronization between the embedded device and PC.
Keywords/Search Tags:Embedded database, embedded Linux, SQLite, ARM9
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