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The Property Analysis Of Information Resource Sharing

Posted on:2007-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2178360185451080Subject:Library science
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In the information society, information resources have been the important strategy resource, it is as important as substance and energy as strategy resource nowadays. The information resource sharing have been appealed for many years but never solved all along. The development and exploit of information resource is the central task of society informatization, the degree of information resource sharing is related to the all-round of society economy informatization. To amplify the recognizance of the value of information resource sharing, promote information resource sharing and make it to achieve the applied value via the description of the concept of information resource, restrictive factor, apply mechanism and legal protection is the original motive of the author.This article classify the information resources as private information resource, public information resource and quasi- public information resource based on the property of information resource, then assay the current situation of sharing and protection of these different types of information resources from multi- angles, such as law, economics andmanagement.The central analysis of private information resource focus on conflict between privy information resource sharing and Intellectual property protect, private information resource sharing and Intellectual property equilibrium and restriction of power during the course of private information resource sharing. As the public information resource been concerned, we should take attention of the public behalf, the government should support the entirely, publicly and unrestrainedly use of public information resource, especially such as statistics, science datum, geography datum, environment datum. Those efforts can improve the efficiency of public information, and promote the business, society, science and environment value. At the same time, the government should support the multi-management mode and multi- investor participate the public information resource sharing in order to fulfill the demand of the public. When it comes to quasi- public information resource, the article focus on how to identify property, settle regime and how to apply government regulation to restricting and stimulating resource provider.Though carefully analysis, the author summarize and reflect the problem of mechanism of those three different types of information resource. Such as: l.the information resource possessed by department, and they monopolize the resource, under the impel of benefit the resource sharing can never be achieved. 2. There is nobody can take responsibilityfor the organization and collaboration of information resource sharing. 3.the shortage of information resource sharing legislation and institution is another problem. During the information resource publication, picking, saving, exchange supervision and other related aspects is short of corresponding legislation and management institution, or maybe the present legislation can not adapt to new situation, thereby there is no legislation can be agreeably. 4. The ratio of investment and output is low. Because of the shortage of unity scheme and manage, the information resource building is overlaying. Many datebases can not be shared or only shared in limited zone. 5. There is no mutual norm and precept, this made the information resource sharing difficult. At last, the author gives some advices about the sharing of three different types of information resource.
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