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Information Resource Sharing Between Government Departments Model And Its Application

Posted on:2011-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2208360308990782Subject:Information Science
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Government Information Sharing is an important part of e-government. Currently, e-government and information resources to seize the building has become the commanding heights of the network economy. For this reason, many countries and regions are actively committed to building the government information technology, integration of information resources continue to build e-government and promote government information resources. The world in the social public, private and social value according to the three major development areas have made great progress. However, the government department of information resource sharing model between the research results less theoretical framework of loss, in practice, the formation of some cross-building Zhong department information system and database construction model also Quefa general sense, Yincinanyi promote and lack of sustainable. So to carry out government information resources are shared between the research sector, government departments to explore the general pattern of sharing of information resources for sharing information between departments to provide a general framework for the implementation and theoretical guidance, has very important theoretical and very urgent practical significance.In this paper a more systematic summary of the domestic and foreign government information resource sharing research results and application status, in summary and analysis of existing government departments of government information sharing model based on a set of hierarchical system of government based on inter-information sharing model, respectively, for each model features from the model itself, theoretical support, model building and operating mechanisms were analyzed.Finally, the implementation of Government Information Sharing Case for Practice. This study is the current bureaucratic system of information sharing between government departments to establish a comprehensive framework for the sharing model, to further promote the practice of Government Information Sharing progress.
Keywords/Search Tags:Interagency, Information resource sharing, Mode
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